PhD Application Webinars. Let's talk strategy!

We all know the application process can be confusing. You need to nail down a general research area, decide which schools to apply to, put together a stellar application and much more, the grad school application process can get overwhelming!
Join us as we explore in a series of hangouts these important topics and more. Come hear current STEM PhD students and grads talk share their experiences and the strategies they used to get into grad school. Even if you’re not sure grad school is for you, still come on in, the discussion could help you decide if you really want to or not!
If you have burning questions make sure to let us know so we can prep answers ahead of time!
We’ll be sending out emails with the links to a scheduled hangout in a few days! If you are unable to make it, we will email you with a recording.

Let’s get this conversation going!


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