Siobahn Day

2nd Year PhD Student
Computer Science
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

About Me

My undergraduate degree was in computer science and I graduated from Winston-Salem State University. When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer.

How was your experience with STEM classes and teachers in middle and high school?

My experience in middle and high school regarding STEM classes was fair enough. I was blessed to grow up in a home with parents who were working in technology fields/companies so I was always around it. I also had a natural curiosity and knack when it came to computers.

After grad school, what’s next?

After grad school I’ll be entering the work force again! Whether that’s in academia or industry, I’m open.

What do you do to unwind?

In my free time I enjoy exercising, reading, and spending time with my family.


My Research

I have developed the concept of Adversarial Authorship as a means of preserving author anonymity. I’m currently developing and evaluating an Interactive Evolutionary Computation for Adversarial Authorship which allows users to conceal their writing style. In Adversarial Authorship, authors are provided an AuthorWeb which allows them to see graphically how their writing style compares with others in the AuthorWeb.

This research is particularly important to me because as technology has advanced over the years, our laws have not (US). Due to the rapid growth of the internet and social networks it’s very hard for one to have anonymity. As a result, many Anonymous Social Network (ASNs) have arose. Some believe that privacy is dead and I’d like to see what could be done to change that outlook.

The coolest thing about my research is that it’s my passion.

The hardest part of my research is TBD. Even in difficultly with my research I’m always learning something new, so it keeps things interesting.

My Grad School Experience

I choose to attend graduate school because of my desire to become a beacon for minorities and underrepresented communities within STEM areas. In 2016, there is still a large gap as well as a gender divide within STEM fields. I hope to be an educator and encourager for those seeking to travel this same path.

The Phd journey itself can sometimes feel very daunting. I overcome those times by keeping the faith. I pray a lot, journal, and consult with my support team if things become overwhelming.

My biggest cheerleaders are my family, friends, sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., as well as alumni from Winston-Salem State University and North Carolina Central University. I’m very blessed to have such a vast support team.

What do you want to say to up and coming Melanin Genius?

Stay encouraged, keep the focus, and never give up!

What has been the most useful life advice you have received?

The most useful life advice has been to do your research! Do not listen to what others say but rather look at what’s been done (Matthew 7:15-20).

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