Oluwakemi Titilope Adeoti

Associate Infrastructure and Analytic Engineer
Kellogg Company

Growing up, I always thought I would become a fashion designer or model—or both!

Having both parents in the Biological sciences field, I was naturally inclined to pursue a STEM career path and I ended up pursuing a Physics major. I chose to attend grad school to give myself a competitive edge in today’s job market and to develop an in-depth knowledge for my chosen career path. After graduation, I decided to pursue an engineering role at Kelloggs. Its been a fun and challenging gig. On a typical day, I do validation of assignment groups, discovery of all new global devices, creating global SLA groups, compiling available and unavailable network devices, maintaining the work liaison between Kellogg and our MSP, setting the service threshold on our core systems and monitoring consistencies of all devices in each of our Kellogg regional offices. Very exciting stuff! I love my job because I get to create dynamic apps and credentials used in monitoring SQL and Oracle database. Its all pretty amazing! Its not all fun all the time though, troubleshooting devices that have generated incidents can get quite challenging.

All in all, my career is STEM has been one exciting gig! I was very motivated to go to grad school for my Masters degree in Computer Science, and my dream was to work for a leading organization in the corporate world. As I started to accomplish my goals, my motivation to pursue this career path has multiplied! My plan is to complete a PhD in Computer Science because… why not? My family has been my rock through my STEM journey. My husband, my mum, Ukny and my gorgeous daughters are my biggest cheerleaders. I live for the moments when they say, “We are proud of you mummy.” And of course a little retail therapy and movie time never hurt when I need to destress and unwind.

To up and coming melanin genius, I say “Stay true to your dreams!”. Remember that challenges make you stronger and especially for industry professionals, you learn more when you work together as a team. No man is an island!

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