Pilot Fellowship Program

Summer 2017

Our pilot fellowship program is targeted at Black women in STEM fields who are aspiring to start their journey towards a doctoral degree in Fall 2018.

Do you have passion, drive and big dreams? You qualify! Join us!

The Grad Spark fellowship program is an annual fellowship program being designed to provide strategic support and resources to help develop dynamic female academics applying to graduate programs in STEM fields.

It’s at no cost to you!

We celebrate you. We cheer for you. Let’s shine!

Cool. What do I get?


Students are paired with coaches one on one who evaluate their application materials for weak spots and work with them on rectifying and building a strong doctoral application portfolio.

GRE prep materials

Selected students receive access to top notch online GRE prep materials. No need to sweat the exam, we got you covered!

Monetary Grant

Selected students receive money towards application fees to help them apply broadly and widely.

Peer Support

The cohort receives peer support from each other through online forums and regular checkins. Keeping each other supported and motivated through the application process and the degree.


Webinars with current graduate students, grad school alumni, admissions officers and faculty on varying topics are offered to the cohort


Each member of the cohort receives branded swag to remember their time being part of The Grad Spark’s accelerator program.


We love to hear from you! You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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