We don’t Assimilate, we Transform

They say it takes time to get acclimated in new environments and that once you get into the swing of things, you can fully immerse yourself in the graduate experience. If acclimation can be defined as, “becoming accustomed to a new climate or new condition,” do black women truly...

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Highlights from the Inaugural Black Women in Computing Conference (#BlackcomputeHER)

The Inaugural Black Women in Computing Conference kicked off on January 6, 2017 opening with a reception filled with food and music. As the planning committee welcomed us, guests were encouraged to reflect on why we were in attendance with a clip from this video.After watching the video, I...

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Changing Research Advisors: Hustle Hard Girl

For some people, "changing advisors" is a dreaded, taboo phrase. They get the picture of you and your advisor going through a bad breakup and assume that you don’t belong or that you need some serious consoling. As a survivor of changing research groups, I can assure you that...

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