Think Big Diversity: Advice for Aspiring #STEM Ph.D. Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Junior Faculty

Originally appeared This past weekend, I was honored and humbled to speak to around 180 aspiring #STEM professors at Maryland’s National Science Foundation funded PROMISE AGEP #ThinkBigDiversity Summer Success Institute workshop, led by Dr. Renetta Tull.  It was so encouraging and heartening to see so many African American, Latino/Latina,...

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Diversify: Creating a Welcoming Workplace in the Wake of Trump’s Political Era

In the wake of the inauguration, tension and uncertainty are at an all-time high. People of color, women and other minorities are convinced their opportunities to work and fulfill their goals will become more limited. In this chaotic and fear-filled environment, it is absolutely crucial for individual companies to...

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#Phdlife: Friday In the Lab

Written by  Stacia Nicholson  Originally appeared on I finally completed sample collection for all my experimental treatment groups. Very taxing undertaking, as I had four groups done in triplicate and the corresponding appropriate controls. It’s Friday, and I forget that means nothing to me, because I’m not on...

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